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1. Machine tools and accessories sales of spare parts for our products are qualified. (Except for users with special requirements, such as Buy second-hand machine tools, etc.)
2. I sold the product if quality problems within one year, the company implemented the "three guarantees" adequately protect the interests of users.
3. Our implementation of product tracking service, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; the user process if found quality problems, the company received notification within 48 hours after the user will respond, in a timely manner or send service personnel arrived at the scene.
4. I undertake the transformation of machine tools, special machine tools and spare parts custom processing projects will be strictly in accordance with the contract, in accordance with drawings, production processing, to ensure that the amount of product, on-time delivery of user acceptance.
5. Our user after receiving the full payment immediately organized the shipment, not to delay the day, to ensure the timely and accurate equipment to the customer.
6. Can I come visit to discuss the company's external customers, can assist with booking hotels and return air tickets, train tickets and the like.

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