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Current Situation on Electrically-controlled Mechanical Automatic Transmission

Number of visits: Date:Jun 29,2016

Relative authorities are making research on electrically-controlled mechanical automatic transmission in our country. The research on AMT technology was started relatively late in our country, and was listed as Science and Technology Key Project in the 9th Five-year Plan. At present, however, Jilin University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shenzhen Xinyuansheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Harbin Emter Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dongfang Ouxiang Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., etc. have successively carried out the related research. Although the research level in our country is still in the development stage of full-automatic AMT, and has a large gap compared with other countries, the research on theory is quite equal to international level. Through extensive and intensive research, former Jilin University of Technology has successively put forward theories of two-parameter optimal gear-shifting principle, dynamic three-parameter gear-shifting principle, optimal synchronous gear-shifting principle, dynamic closed-ring gear-shifting control, clutch fuzzy starting control and the like, and conducted the assembly experiments on light vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, cars and the like. Beijing Institute of Technology mainly focuses on the AMT research on heavy-duty vehicles, and researched one armored car AMT product which had been checked by 3000km approval test and finalized the product design. This product is equipped with an electronic hydraulic actuating mechanism, is capable of achieving automatic gear-shifting operations, also can be manually shift gears by operating the gear-shifting handle, and has the advantages of gear keeping function and self-learning function. Furthermore, the operation mechanism of the original vehicle is still used for manual operation when the electronic control system fails to function. Shenzhen Xinyuansheng Industrial Corporation Ltd. realizes the AMT automatic gear-shifting on cars, adopts common motors as the actuating mechanism, wherein three motors are respectively used for achieving the operations to an accelerator and a clutch and operations of gear selection and gear-shifting, and the operations of gear selection and gear-shifting can be realized by one motor through the special design on the driving mechanism, and the driving mechanism of the clutch adopts an economizing device, which reduces the motor of the driving motor. At present, some types of vehicles such as Chery QQ have chosen to assemble AMT automatic transmissions.

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