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High-level Domestic Machine Tool Resulting in Decreasing Demand of Foreign-funded Brand Machine Tool

Number of visits: Date:Jun 29,2016

The increasing improvement on manufacturing level of domestic machine tools is affected by other factors; however, the advantages of foreign-funded brand machine tools are gradually weakened. In these years, by breaking through some technological difficulties of major equipment in the important fields of automobile, ship, space flight and aviation and the like, waves of new high-grade digital-control machine tool products with high-precision, high-speed, high-efficiency, multi-coordinate, composite, intelligent, large-specification and large-tonnage are successfully researched and produced successively in our country, replacing the imported products. Like domestic enterprises, foreign-funded machine tool manufacturing enterprises also face the pressure on increasing price of raw materials, because the price of like products in foreign-funded brands is higher than that of domestic machine tools in China market, foreign-funded enterprises fear losing the market once raising the price. In order to keep the original price, they may choose some supporting suppliers in China to adjust the allocation of some products, however, the quality of products may decrease, and even some foreign-funded enterprises lower the price of products. In addition, foreign-funded machine tool manufacturing enterprises are far inferior to domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprises in the aspects of service and marketing systems, and are gradually affected by the problem of brand services. Some domestic mold enterprises complained that high-grade digital-control machine tools purchased at high price one year ago had not been put into normal use yet up to now.

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